Business Startup Development Services

Our Commitment:

We look forward to serving you at Agency For Empowerment & Support, LLC (AFES).

We are certified to help you launch your first business and write a Comprehensive Business Plan, used to apply for most business startup loans. In addition, we offer organizational management after you open your first business.

The following seven benchmarks outline the steps to develop a successful comprehensive business plan and the steps to launch your business.

Initial Self-employment Meeting

  • What does it take to become a business owner or an entrepreneur?
  • To discuss the advantages and disadvantages of self-employment.
  • To help the customer(s) understand if self-employment is a good fit.

Benchmark Step 1:

Business Concept Development!

Benchmark Step 2:

Market Research and Benefits Analysis!

Benchmark Step 3:

Your Business Financials and Marketing Plans!

Benchmark Step 4:

Your Business Plan Development!

Benchmark Step 5:

The final step is the Comprehensive Business Plan!

Benchmark Steps 6 & 7:

Implementation – Business Launch!

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References: Griffins-Hammis benchmarks utilized, and the Florida Department of Education, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Information Guide (2014)